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2003-05-18 - 10:58 p.m.

i'm back baby,

i know these are becoming all to infrequent, but hey, its the wait that makes it so sweet when you get it.

i've got nothing to write so i guess i will do the detroit month and a half update:

april ended with a bang with the totally awesome awk show. too much energy, grit, sweat, hate, love, and guts to handle. every one had a ball; hilight of the month

team hydro:

it was all a dream. the young boyer broke the ice with the first skateboard. then matt, then me, now the world. were a ragtag lose confederancy right now, but the the potential is there to be the hotest thing this city has seen since joe first started double fisting. hot

all ages show:

funite with the sharp hearts and the pharmacists followed up with the perfect little hangover saturday with kevin, wolverine, and fajitas asada.


much props to kevin on a great show, stevie p on the essay contest, matt z on that rat tail.

the doors:

i just bought a dvd player and i watch the one dvd that I own a lot. joe and i discovered it one late night and it still holds up. one day i will watch it sober

end of an era:

i graduated law school last week and after a jammed pack weekend with graduation gigs, piston games, and weddings (shout outs to my markley fam) i jumped straight into my bar prep. those classes are kicking my ass.

thats it. more to come


where's the new wine!


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